Today's consumers refuse to be defined

by rigid demographic profiles;

they crave relationships with brands that treat them as individuals

& respond in a transparent and personal way.

Today's consumers relate to shared values,

interests and life experiences,

which is why we move beyond traditional insight gathering methodologies

& rely on a more humanistic approach to research & data.

In this way, we discover more

meaningful spaces for brands to occupy.

We Are Insight Driven

We harness human insights to empower your brand and communications. Human behavior is the most powerful tool for innovation and inspiration. As humans, we look for meaning and significance in our life experiences. Insight into the emotions and ideas that drive individual behavior helps us understand the intersection of inner thought and the manifestation of behavior–the choices we make and the drive that compels our actions.

Enviroment - Context - Situation

We define insight as a eureka moment of truth where the invisible suddenly becomes visible. Through deep exploration of humanity and its relationship to other people, experiences and products, we find the sparks that ignite innovations in branding, product creation, communications and culture.

We Are Authentic

We cannot solve problems with the same old awareness that created them. We admit it, Einstein had some good ideas. This principle is why we listen, we do not assume, and we look beyond the surface.

  • We are reliant on our instinct and let real conversations guide us.
  • We are creative in our methods, our tools, our thinking and our output.
  • We are unflinchingly curious, and we probe beyond the easily apparent issues.

We believe that communication is based on trust, which is why we choose to step back from traditional, prescribed questionnaires and methods and seek to discover meaningful placement for brands. We cannot change consumer behavior to fit your brand, but we can strive to address the challenges consumers face through the creation of products and services that support them.

To help our clients humanize their businesses, we rely on our ability to be intuitive, to recognize patterns, and construct meaningful solutions from a human perspective. We refuse to let conventional practices guide our process, so that both consumers and marketers can build trusted, authentic connections.

We Are Bold

We explore the perceptual world of your consumer and harness meaningful insights to empower the growth of your brand and your business.

We provoke conversations by asking the hard questions, the ones that haven't been asked before, to better understand your consumers' unmet needs.

We seek out the intensity of emotions in both consumers and our clients and work to restructure their perceptual world into a new pattern that allows for the emergence of insight.

Insights that power the growth of your brand & your business

We Are Collaborative

There's a difference between partnering and collaborating.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of our process. While we use our expertise to guide our work, we are humble in our approach and our interactions, knowing that the sparks will emerge from a variety of people, places, and situations. That is why we work with designers, technologists, filmmakers, innovators, journalists, photographers and anthropologists to bring a range of perspectives into every project.

Our collaborative approach allows us to build trusted, valuable relationships with consumers; we apply the same methods to our clients. Whether we are in the field or in the office, we share our research and findings with our clients in real-time.

In our efforts to build closer relationships between brands and consumers, there's no I, there's only we.

We Are Ambitious

We believe the output is as important as the input. That's why we do not just deliver information. Through a process of collaboration with our clients and partners, we deliver creative, strategic and actionable insights-based solutions to brand and business challenges. Whether you are trying to grow your brand or business, or reinvent your brand, we take pride in our process as well as delivery.

  • Brand Identity & Strategy
  • Corporate Brand Positioning & Strategy
  • External Brand Positioning & Strategy
  • Communications Strategy
  • Insights Reporting
  • Documentary Film & Photography
  • Human Narrative Book (Brand + Culture + Consumer)
  • Innovation Concepting & Prototyping
  • Trend Reporting
  • Visual Analytics
  • In-store / In-market Activation Strategies

We are often asked: why does my business need The Human Collective to help grow my brand? Our answer is always the same. The brands and businesses that understand there is no substitute for basic human understanding are the ones that create meaningful connections with their customers and lasting brand value.

We Are Innovators

When we started The Human Collective, our purpose was to humanize businesses and brands through powerful insights. We realized that our business purpose was born from our personal desire to form a company that inspires and empowers brands to be a force for good.

We envision a world in which Human will have an impact on people, culture, society and our personal and professional communities.

Each year, we take on Human Impact Projects that focus on topics, communities or cultures that are near and dear to us such as our current documentary film project focused on ADHD. The Lab established an environment, outside of our client work, which allows us to incubate innovative ideas and develop even faster, better methods to garner insights from consumers, and ultimately, better serve our clients, brand, and humanity.

Incubation Phase:

2014: Short Documentary Film – Topic ADHD

2014: App based consumer healthcare / wellness tool

The Human Collective - Empowering the People Behind the Brand

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